Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Peace of mind for you and your family

Thinking about our own mortality, isn’t a fun thing to do. Most people tend to ignore the subject deliberately until the issue is, unfortunately, unavoidable.

Now this is not uncommon, but of course it makes absolutely no allowance or consideration for the feelings of the next of kin and loved ones that are left behind to deal with the aftermath of a bereavement or the fact that in the United Kingdom, unless you are considered by the state to be destitute, you or your family will have to pay for your funeral

Funeral Plans are the obvious solution to the two main issues that people are confronted with in relation to arranging and paying for a funeral service: the emotional distress and the financial burden. Funeral Plans are a financial product that were designed to allow the individual to pre arrange and pre pay for their end of life services in advance, therefore enabling the individual to have precisely the send off and celebration of their life that they specifically wanted and not what others would anticipate they would desire and it also allows the individual to pay for the services frozen at today’s prices. Now some may look at this point and wonder, “Well why should it bother me, I won’t be here!?”

The answer to this is very simple; funeral costs are increasing at an alarming rate annually and why pay thousands of pounds more than you need to? This is money that should be left for your partner or even passed to your grandchildren, why would you want to throw it away needlessly?

Take out a funeral plan today at the age of 55, you may well live to be 90 years of age and in thirty five years (with the cost of funerals rising at the rate they presently are) you could well have just saved yourself or your family £10,000 or even more!! This is all money that can be left to a partner, your children or indeed your grandchildren.

There are also enormous emotional benefits to a funeral plan. Anybody who has had a loved one pass away will understand the unquantifiable distress that the next of kin and loved ones go through whilst having to attempt to come to terms with such a loss; at this stage and in this state of mind, most people are in no condition to be able to cope with the additional upset and stress of having to organise and arrange a funeral.

It is a huge help, in fact a real relief to the next of kin that this kind of arrangement is already in place and that they do not have to worry desperately about where they are also going to be able to find the finance to pay for the services.

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